This page is for those who have
sailed on Moxie and with her
dink, Dawn Treader.
Dale Creek

The words of Mark Twain have consumed me for most of
my life.  As a boy growing up in Santa Barbara, California in
the early fifties I was able to live the dream of youth,
surfing the likes of the Sandbar(much different look in
those days), Rincon and Indicator, California St. and the
Ranch, spending my days in the as yet undeveloped
harbour of Santa Barbara, and being able to sail on
everything from the eight foot Seashell, to the Tall Ships,
like Sterling Hayden's 92' schooner, Wanderer and his
square rigged Gracie S, that was used in a few of his
swashbucklers.  The harbour, at this time, was full of
beautiful sailing ships like the schooners Sirocco and
Rejoice.  Sailing to the Channel Islands for weekends, on
these and others, was more than anyone could ask.  But the
spark was kindled and the dream of following in the
footsteps of those of the sea, like Captain Joshua Slocum
aboard the Spray, was born in the mind of a young Aquarian
from Santa Barbara.
Dale on bow Straits of San Juan de Fuca
About Us
There were seven of us as Moxie's crew when we first left Friday Harbour.
Paul Krier, as Captian and Man of the Sea Extraordinaire, Dale Creek, Debra
Benes, Katie Krier, George Mallett, Jim Moesley, and Lisa Killion.  Six finished
the trip with one having to leave the voyage at Fort Bragg, Ca

For the Pacific Crossing we were five.  Captain Dale Creek, Debra Benes, Paul
Krier, George Mallett, and Richard Gelinas.  Three left the boat in Nuku Hiva
and one joined, Ian Mallett.

Currently the crew is changing with Dale and Ian, being joined by Della Shea
and then Debra, our son Austin, Tim Benes and Shannon Benes.