What can you say about Nuie.  It is one of the
most beautiful places on this planet.  The water
surrounding Nuie has some of the best visiblity
you will ever find.  200' is not uncommon and
the waters teem with life.  The island itself,
after rising some 70-80' out of the water, is
basically an upside down plate with two distinct
elevations.  The coastal road and then the very
slightly higher inland rise.  Nuie, sadly to say,
has the appearance of a dying island,  not in the
flora and fauna for they abound, but in the
population.  The lack of any type of industry on
Nuie is causing the youth of Nuie to leave the
island and look for work in places like New
Zealand and Australia.  I have a hard time
describing Nuie for it is a place where the
people touched my heart yet I was left with a
feeling of sadness for this Island Nation.    
Niue, The Island Nation, Almost Forgotten