The Array and Structure
10 Arco Solar, Inc. modules wired 2x5
going into an Outback MPPT 60amp
controller.  On a good day we get
about 360 watts/hour for 6-8 hours
per day.  These modules have been
powering our home up Refugio
Canyon in California since the late
70's, for some of the modules, and the
rest from the early 80's.   Not bad for
some sand, glass, aluminum and a
few other elements.  Their output is
still above 95% of their rating when
new.  The frame structure is 2"
aluminum angle with the ability to be
tilted in one plane and mounted on a
2" aluminum support structure.
Some quick shots of the array at work
This is all of the renewable devices used to power Moxie
George doing some install work on the array
A veiw of the array and Whisper 1000 with new blades
At work at sea, all day every day