The Kingdom of Tonga is where we decide to
affect repairs to Moxie's transmission.  It is a
developed island with flights by Air New
Zealand so it was the the logical choice to ship
a parcel to from the USA.  Tonga is unlike any
other Island Group in the Pacific in that it is
ruled by a King and the people are still OK
with this but when the King passes on, the
people have little love for the sons of the King
and will more than likely try to change the
way Government is run today.  These pages
are not political in nature, just observations of
a Traveller thru this World.  In Tonga I had
the best of times and the worst of times.  It
was the worst of times dealing with the
Beauracracy and Officials during Checkout
but it was some of the best of times travelling
the islands and meeting the people.  
The Kingdom of Tonga