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Sailing’ Away…. May 6, 2005  We have left Ventura Harbor and
will be shaking down
Moxie for a couple of days in the Southern
California Bight and then, after a stop at the Exotic Island of
Catalina,  we will be heading off for the downhill run to the
Marquesas, Tahiti and points West before putting in at New
Zealand.  I will do my best to make a complete update of all of the
changes to
Moxie but for now,
Fair Winds and Following Seas from the Crew of  S/V Moxie.
We're off!  May 16, 2005  We have left Avalon Harbor, Catalina,
heading out across the vast Pacific for a small group of
Islands, the Marquesas.  We are hoping for a 20 day passage for
the 3000+ nm to Nuka Hiva.
Update!!!  June 7, 2005  We are now in Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva,
in French Polynesia!!!   It took us 22 days, 7 hours and 7 minutes
but we made it.  My gosh are these islands stunning!  It is quite a
sight after 3 weeks on the water.
Finally on the move again.  July 10, 2005, weighed anchor and
said good-bye to our home for the last 5 weeks and headed for
Pou just south of Nuku Hiva.
Tuamotus here we come!  July 12, 2005  Headed out of the little
harbor of Hakahau and set a course for
Manihi and Ahe in the
Tuamotus, 460 miles to the west of here.
Dropped anchor in Rangiroa July 19, 2005 Here we are in the
third largest atoll in the world.  You can see the bottom from the
surface 80' away.  Unbelievable water colors!
Off to Tahiti!   The Windward Islands of Tahiti and Moorea will be
our next stop, 180+ miles to the south.  Any luck and we'll be
there tomorrow.  We arrived July 25, 2005 after a very pleasant
sail and a nice double hookup on Dorado.  Have alook at the one I
Now the Leeward Islands...  These include Huahine, Riatea, Ta'haa,
and of course the fabled island of Bora Bora.  We sailed the
Leewards on and off during the month of August.  We made one
trip to Moorea, Huahine and back to Tahiti and then one trip to
Moorea, Bora Bora and back to Papeete.  If you see Moorea in here
a couple of times, it's because we really enjoy Moorea,  especially
Baie Opunohu.
Good Bye French Polynesia and Hello to the Cook Islands.  We left
Papeete on September 18, 2005 heading for
Rarotonga in the
Southern Cook's.  Should be there in about three to four days, the
God's willing and a fair wind at our backs.
Update! We're here!  
We arrived on the 22nd making the passage in almost exactly 4
days including an unplanned stop at the little island of Mitiaro.  
After we leave  Rarotonga, we are heading for
Palmerston Atoll
with a load of cargo and supplies for the school and the Island.  
Little did we know what danger awaited us there.
It's th 2nd of October, 2005 and we're off to Palmerston Atoll!
Palmerston Atoll lies approximately 300 nautical miles north by
north west of
Rarotonga and is in the never never zone between
the Southern Cooks and the Northern Cooks.  Little did we know
what awaited us in Palmerston.
Our next Port of Call was the tiny Island Nation of Niue.  Niue has
not only some of the finest diving conditions in the world, it also
has some of the kindest and friendliest people in the world.  We
arrived here on October 12, 2005. We left
Palmerston Atoll on the
9th of October, 2005 and put into
Niue to use the Communication
capabilities to work out the details of how and where to ship the
parts needed to repair our broken output shaft in
transmission.  From now, until we get the transmission fixed, we
are a sail only boat.  The wind is our friend.
Sadly we left Niue on the 16th of October and set sail for the
Kingdom of Tonga.  We should get to Tonga on the 18th or 19th of
October, depending on the wind.
 Nuku'alofa on Tongatapu, the
main island and residence of the King, is where we are headed
and so is Moxie's transmission, we hope.
Tonga is now to our stern and we are headed for Minerva Reef.  
OK, class, can anyone tell me where Minerva Reef is and what the
heck is this "Minerva Reef EatDown 2005".
New Zealand, the Land of the Long White Clouds.  We arrived in
Opua, Bay of Islands, just before midnight on the 14th of
November, 2005 ending this season of Voyaging.  It was a long
hard passage that ended with our last two ice cold Miller's beers,
from the States, being opened on the Quarentine Dock to
celebrate our safe arrival and then two hours later a warm beer
and Gin and Tonic were handed to Heather and David as we
made Milliways secure on the Q Dock.  A fitting end celebrated
with one of the first and finest boats , and truest of friends, that
Moxie met in Nuka Hiva and then shared Adventures with on and
off over the next 4000 miles of sailing.
Travelogues - May to November 2005