Dale riding the bow...
West Coast Tour 2004
One thing that I'm finding out is that I make a lousy
Historian/Photo Journalist.  I promise to try harder in
the future.  Here are some of the few photos we got
during the West Coast Tour, a passage that ranks right
up with all of the greatest voyages made.  We were an
untested crew in a veteran ship that took all of the
adversity that luck and Mother Nature could throw at
us and made it thru it all with smiles on our faces.  For
those of you that made this trip, for better or for
worse, you are all special people to me and I will never
forget what true friendship is, for you are all the
epitome of Great Friends....
This was the Take Ownership and Shakedown cruise from Friday
Harbor, WA to Ventura, CA and covered just under 1200 nm in
just about seven days of sailing.  We averaged 149 nm per day
with a best day of 241 nm.
7-19-2004         Dale and Paul left Santa Barbara and arrived in
Seattle,WA. From there they took a bus to Anacortes, WA and
finally made their destination of Friday Harbor, on San Juan
Island at 1830 hours.  Shannon and Brandon Davies met Dale
and Paul and ferried them out to Moxie in their inflatable.  
Slipping the mooring bouy, with Brandon at the helm, Moxie was
motored over to the inside of the Breakwater part of the Marina
and made fast there for the next few  days while they readied
Moxie for the Journey south and waited for the crew to arrive.
Minutes before we shoved off on an adventure of a lifetime...
The studs at rest...  Little did we know what was coming.
Aren't we just the cutest couple?
Notice the angle Geeorge is leaning?  And this was a quiet time...
I know, George, it's always us raising the sail...
What do you mean I don't look like Leonardo on the Titanic?
I like this boat!
If only I knew that Debra had fingernail polish...
See, Dale isn't the only one who can sleep anywhere at any time.
What do you mean you can read my palm from over there?
Did I miss the seabird?
Well at least this time I'm not the only one in the bilge.
OK, so why did everybody else get to stand their watch inside?
Good-bye Fort Bragg Wharf Restaurant and Motel.  We love you!!!
Are you sure those aren't our scrape marks?
The west end of the Farralons on a bad hair day.
Where did I put my Barf Bag?
See, I told you we'd have Albacore for dinner.
Are you sure King Kong isn't home?
Don't ask me what those two are looking at.
I swear that that was a huge Grey Whale totally out of the water!!!
Ah now this is the life!
So, are you positive that that's Ventura Harbor?
The West Coast Tour 2004  Friday Harbor to
Friday Harbour to Ventura  July 19th- August 1st, 2004