This Wind machine, along with 18 Arco
Solar modules, used to power our home
in Refugio Canyon.  It will now power
the boat, along with some of those Arco
The Whisper 1000 sits atop an 11' 11", Aluminum, Schedule 40  tower bolted to the deck
with a stainless steel tabernacle mounted to a 2" thick by 12" square hardwood base.  The
tower is braced with two braces 6' up the tower and fastened to the deck with vibration
isolators.  The original 3 meter wooden two blade propeller has been replaced by a three
bladed carbon fiber propeller from the H sersies wind generators from Southwest Wind
Power, Inc. in New Mexico.  It charges into a Whisper Controller also from Southwest
Wind Power, Inc.
Whisper 1000 Wind Generator