Isles Du Vent - Tahiti and Moorea
These are the island that conjure up visions of the South Pacific more than
any others.  Bora Bora may come close but it is Tahiti and Moorea that
steal your heart.  This is just a quick sample and I'll add more later.  The
shots of the whales were taken at three different times over about 8 miles
of travel.  They were different pods.  We had one whale, unbeknownst to us
at the time, surface within three feet of the boat and soaked Ian and the
stern of the boat with the spray from "blowing".  It was unreal!  Better than
Mahi Mahi for dinner?  This one was about forty pounds
Land Ho!  Tahiti off the starboard bow, Captain.
Have a little build up?
Just before the entrance to Papeete Harbor
This is the entrance. Find the channel.
Our anchorage off of Marina Taina
Veiws at anchor
More veiws at anchor
I guess they are all views
Looking west at Moorea from my deck chair with a rum drink
Looking into Baie de Cook, Moorea
Going into Cook's Bay, Moorea
Cruise ship Paul Gauguin in Cook's Bay
Yes, George, we really are here...  It's not a dream
At anchor in Robinson's Cove, Opunohu Bay, Moorea
Same place different perspective
Spires at the west end of Opunohu Bay.
A great father/son moment.  A chance of a lifetime.
Another view from my deck chair with one of those rum drinks again
Moorea is nothing short of fantastic everywhere you look
Ian rowing in the Dawn Treader in Robinson's Cove
A little less telephoto
Same Ian rowing but my gosh it was just breathtaking
George, at sunset, in the Dawn Treader, with Ian in the water
Thar she blows!
Thar she goes!
One whale
Two whale
Three whale
You thought it would be four?  No way, there's five!
As we bid a fond farewell to the whales of Moorea
Pu Pu's any one?  Just a platter of fine french cheeses and Italian salamis
Goodbye Moorea, we'll be back again...
The Society Islands - The Windward Islands of Tahiti and Moorea